Memories of Japan: Monkeys!

Back in September 2014, we visited the Arashiyama monkey park in Iwayatama. I’ve been obsessed with monkeys for as long as I can recall, so seeing them up close, wandering free on the mountain top, was an absolute delight.

And this morning, I came across a bunch of videos I took on this trip, all safely backed up on Dropbox. I shared one of Arishiyama this morning, but laughed out loud when I saw the following clips of the moneys in action.

They’re both adorable and ever so slightly sinister. No fear of humans – quite bored by us, actually – but giving off the vibe that they would take off your finger if you were stupid enough to reach out to them.

Mind you, when I actually got to feed them, they were so incredibly gentle. Such soft little hands. And greedy! They just couldn’t get enough apple.

Yet more excellent memories from our trips to Japan. Looking forward to gathering more this October. Maybe next time, we’ll go to see the snow monkeys!




5 thoughts on “Memories of Japan: Monkeys!

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